It’s certainly important to have your well pump regularly serviced, and this should be done every 1-3 years. But there may also be times that you need your well pump to receive maintenance more urgently. Here are some signs that your unit needs an overhaul.

Low Or Inconsistent Water Pressure

Water pressure that is “off” can be quite bothersome or even maddening. If you’ve ever stepped into a shower after a long day to find that the water drips from the shower head, you know this to be true.

This is one of the things to watch out for when you have this type of water provision for your home, as it may signal a more serious issue within your system, namely the well pump’s sediment filter or pressure switch. The regular water pressure should lie somewhere between 40-60 psi.

Cycling Repeatedly

You may notice that your well pump seems to be constantly running, or turning on and off very frequently. This is one of the signals that may be more difficult to decipher, as there is a large range of acceptable cycles for a well pump—between 10-300 times per day.

However, if you have lived in the home for a significant amount of time and you find that this amount of cycling is not typical for your well with how much water you and your family are using, you can trust your instincts and assume that it is too often.

Cloudy Or Bad Tasting Water

Of course, this is always something to take seriously, as low-quality water can pose a health risk to you and your family. But it can also signify an issue with your well pump that needs to be addressed.

Perhaps the sediment filter is clogged, or the valves are compromised. It’s not always an issue with your well pump that is causing the problem, but it certainly could be.

Pumping Sand Or Sediment

A well is drilled so that the water should be clear and free of sediment. However, over time, it may “silt in.” This will cause sand to fall inward into the well, settling at the bottom. Then the pump may have more sediment to filter than it is created to handle.

You could then begin to see sand or sediment in your water. If you pour a glass of water that appears cloudy, try setting it out to see if anything begins to settle at the bottom.

If it does, this means that these particles are being processed through your pump into your home’s provided water.

This is troublesome for the home’s inhabitants who need this water to bathe and wash, but it’s also troublesome for the pump. Pumping sediment and sand through its system will quickly cause corrosion and disrepair.

Air In The System

Air in the system can be seen when faucets often “spit” or provide very inconsistent water pressure. This is an annoyance at best, and a serious issue to be found at worst.

In this case, the submersible pump could be above the water table, or the pipe from the water source to the above-ground pump could be pierced or corroded.

High Electric Bills

Your well is powered by your home’s electricity. You may not notice many other of these signals, but a high electric bill is hard to miss. If you consistently receive high electric bills, this may be due to your well pump not functioning efficiently.



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