Do you get your water from a well and find yourself with a well water pump problem in Vernon CT? If one suddenly pops up, you need help right away!
The well pump repair service experts at Martin Plumbing & Well Pump Service are here to help! Servicing Vernon CT, we have been specializing in well pump repair services for homeowners for over 30 years.

We would be honored to assist you, step by step, with your well pump repair needs. We are a family run business and have built our quality reputation by providing caring and trusted well water and well pump repair services Vernon CT.

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Some of these older homes built in Vernon CT may have galvanized steel pipes for plumbing which creates potential water problems due to this material’s propensity to corrode and rust. If not replaced, galvanized steel pipes can cause issues with water pressure since the water flow is greatly reduced from increasing corrosion. While it is advised to replace corroding steel pipes, Martin Plumbing & Well Pump Services can address ongoing water pressure issues to eliminate the frustration that it often presents homeowners for all water and well pump needs.


One way to eliminate low water pressure problems is to install a constant water pressure system on the well pump. A constant water pressure system uses a pressure sensor/controller to regulate the speed of the pump. When pressure drops, the pump receive a signal to increase the pump speed. The more faucets you open, the faster the pump speeds up to keep up with demand. The continuous pump speed fluctuations base on pressure fluctuations creates a constant pressure in water flow.


Our number one goal is a satisfied customer, and we maintain our good reputation through honest and helpful advice and repairs.When responding to a water pressure or well pump repair call, we begin by asking lots of questions and well troubleshooting with the customer to quickly pinpoint the potential problem. We want to get your problem resolved quickly, so that you can get back to more important things.

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