If you start to notice that your drinking water is starting to taste funny then it might be time to get your water tested. Water is a necessity for life, and as such that necessity needs to be protected. You use the water in your home in so many ways, and often times homeowners forget how much water you use in a day. From cooking, cleaning, drinking, and bathing you are using water all the time. So it is important to consider having your water tested. Water testing will uncover any harmful substances in your water supply and may give insight into any health issues that you are experiencing.

Having your water tested is very important and should not be over looked, and instead you will want to be proactive about it. Tiny microorganisms and substances that naturally get into a water supply may become detrimental to a person’s health. Many substances can cause digestive issues, illness, and (in some severe cases) death. The following are some points to take into account when considering water quality testing, especially geared towards those who are on the fence about scheduling a consultation:


When deciding whether or not you should get your water supply tested, take location into account. The degree of isolation of your water source will be a deciding factor in its degree of contamination. Groundwater that is exposed to the elements and nature will tend to have a much higher count of harmful compounds than water from a deep, underground source that has less contact with contaminants on the surface. If your water source is more public than most or exposed to the elements than testing should be a priority.


Water testing should be a periodic concern and not just a once in while thing. Water supply is an ecosystem in its own right. Thus it is a living, thriving thing that will change for the better or worse. Periodic testing will monitor those changes, tracking the growth of harmful substances and the effectiveness of water treatment. It should also be noted that while water testing is useful, it is only a small sample of a greater whole. Water is not homogeneous, meaning that water is not made up of the exact same substances throughout. Testing often will give a more comprehensive measurement, rather than a one-time sampling.

Don’t Panic!

Finding something in your water quality isn’t necessarily a cause for panic. Entirely pure water does not occur naturally and is only really theoretical outside of a laboratory. Some of the common substances found in water give it taste and mineral fortitude, so don’t overreact if a less than toxic substance is found. Continue with further testing and treatment to ensure that your water quality is brought up to the highest level possible. Rushing to remove a harmful substance from your water supply without taking the proper steps may cause more issues and further contamination. A rational approach will always yield the best results.



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